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Boulet, the pen name for Gilles Roussel, is a comic book creator and cartoonist born February 1, 1975 in Meaux, France. He was among the first French cartoonists to become famous by publishing a comic

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Etienne Davodeau

Étienne Davodeau is a multiple award-winning comics author. After having studied graphic arts in Rennes, Davodeau has since created numerous best-selling and critically acclaimed graphic novels, mostly in the reality-based and reportage vein. Titles

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Patrice Killoffer, better known simply as Killoffer (born 16 June 1966), is a writer and artist of comics. He was co-founder of the independent comics publisher L’Association in 1990, and has been a part

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Pénélope Bagieu

Pénélope Bagieu is a French cartoonist and illustrator, known the world-over for her blog Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante (My life is quite fascinating), where she shares moments of her everyday life. In September 2008

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Annette Becker

Annette Becker is a Professor of Contemporary History at Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. She has written extensively on the Two World Wars and the extreme violence they nurture, with an emphasis on military

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Enrique Klaus

A former research fellow and associate researcher of the Centre de documentation et d’études économiques, juridiques et sociales (CEDEJ) in Caire, where he lived from 2003 to 2011, Enrique Klaus gave lessons at Sciences-Po

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