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    The cultural service has an office in Québec city as
    well as an office in Montréal. The team is building
    cooperation between France and the whole
    province of Québec in publishing, music,art,
    higher education exchanges and many other areas.

Great success for the Treaty of Paris

The exhibition of the Treaty of Paris, that has been taking place in the Museum of Civilisation of Quebec since Septeber 23rd, will be extented 10 more days, until Sunday, October 12th. It was meant to end October 2nd. Indeed, more than 14.000 people visited the exhibition just during the first week.

MWFF 2014: France in honour

The Montréal World Film Festival, Francophone Festival par excellence, gives France a place of honour, by showing 45 French movies, whose 2 take part to the World Competition

Montréal: Tribute to Alain Resnais

The World Film Festival of Montréal (MWFF) will pay a posthumous tribute to Alain Resnais at this year’s Festival to mark his extraordinary career.

Blue Metropolis 2014: the power of words... and of cultural diversity

The Blue Metropolis Festival gathers people from different cultures and countries together to share the pleasure of reading and writing. For its 16th edition, the festival welcomes more than 200 events in French and invites, among other, French author David Foenkinos.