JUNE 03, 2017

TORONTO - 2Fik Exhibition at the Koffler Gallery

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Come to discover 2Fik’s work at the Koffler Gallery, from April 6th to June 4th, 2017. Assuming the multiple roles of artistic director, photographer, and performer, the franco-quebecois artist stages elaborate tableaux that often re-enact familiar compositions derived from famous paintings.

JUNE 02, 2017

VANCOUVER - Caroline Mesquita: The Ballad @ 221A

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After a one-month residency in Vancouver, Caroline Mesquita will open her new show "The Ballad" in 221A on April 1, 2017. Curated by Martha Kirszenbaum, the first chapter of the project was hosted at the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris, earlier this year.

MAY 31, 2017

VANCOUVER - Café des Arts: Music

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Le Café des Arts, co-organized by the Alliance Française of Vancouver and the cultural services of the French Embassy in Canada, with the participation of Aurelia Bizouard, is a new event that gives local artists a chance to speak

MAY 30, 2017


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"CHOCOLAT" - 2016 By Roschdy Zem

MAY 30, 2017

CALGARY - Slam Poetry

By AFCalgary

Discover what slam poetry is and let your creativity flow at the Alliance Française of Calgary!

MAY 30, 2017

CANADA - Festiv'all - May 2017

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All May film festivals with something French at a glance!

MAY 29, 2017

Dr. Jean Louis MARTIN,FCRF laureate is going to Haida Gwaii.

By francecanadaculture Canada

Laureate of the France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF) in 2016, Dr. Martin is visiting Vancouver and the Haida Gwaii. Dr. Jean-Louis Martin is collaborating with Dr.

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MAY 26, 2017

OTTAWA - About Nelly Arcan

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Anne Emond's movie Nelly will be screened on April 29, 2017 at the National Arts Gallery of Canada followed by a discussion with Brigitte Haentjens, Patricia Smart et Catherine Voyer-Léger. This tribute to the writer Nelly Arcan will continue from May 24 to 27 with the performance of La fureur de ce que je pense at the National Arts Center.

MAY 25, 2017

TORONTO - Films of the French-speaking world

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This season, the cultural service of the Consulate General of France in Toronto presents a series of films of the French-speaking world at the Alliance française.

MAY 25, 2017

Canadian filmmaker Claudia Hébert, winner of the 2017 Cité internationale des arts program

By francecanadaculture Toronto

Each year, the Cité internationale des arts program is open to foreign creators, who wish to develop a project of research in Paris during a period of three or six consecutive months.

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MAY 21, 2017

WHISTLER : Matisse Drawings @ Audain Art Museum

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"I have always considered drawing not as an exercise of particular dexterity… but as a means deliberately simplified so as to give simplicity and spontaneity to the expression, which should speak without clumsiness, directly to the mind of the


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