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“24 hours for the climate” – call for projects

Worldwide performances in November 2015 and a month-long residence program at the Cité des Arts in Paris in 2016


Imagine France in 20 years' time: the energy transition has taken place and the Paris Agreement has enabled countries around the world to commit jointly to combating climate change supported by civil society. Mirroring this change in mentalities and lifestyles, the artistic and cultural community has developed new practices that have become widespread.

In this framework, the General Secretariat responsible for preparation and organization of COP21/CMP11, which will be held at the Paris-Le Bourget site from 30 November to 11 December 2015, wishes to organize an international performance by artists, architects, designers, dancers, performers and street artists from around the world, based on the theme “Urban art and the climate”, with four key aims: 

raising public awareness of climate change in order to have a positive influence on the Conference and encourage a large number of citizens to take action;

encourage environmentally friendly artistic practices;

look at climate disruption from a creative angle;

spur on the community to make a collective response to the impact of climate change on our lives and the sustainable future of our planet;

link up countries and citizens around the world, contributing to global citizenship.


In order to generate momentum for action and to showcase awareness-raising activities, the General Secretariat proposes that the launch of the “24 hours for the climate” global performance initiative take place on November 30th, 2015, to coincide with the opening of COP21. The aim is for all such activities around the world to take place on that one day, in the spirit of a 24-hour marathon in support of the environment. The Cultural Service of the Embassy of France to Canada and the Ottawa Alliance Française, as partners in this event, are launching a call for the artists, architects, designers, dancers, performers and street artists of Canada to take part!

Are you interested in this project? Would you like to submit an artistic project focused on the theme of “Urban art and the climate”? Send a written proposal about your project by email to the following address by 5PM on September 30th, 2015:

Pépita Car, Cultural / 613.593.7409

You can also find all the information you’ll need about the call for proposals in the file attached below -->