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Short stories contest: Write at the museum

As an opportunity to take a different look at the pieces of art you find on display at museums both here and elsewhere, Plumes d'ici et d'ailleurs invite you to write an original, unpublished short story in the literary style of your choice: epistolary, crime drama, romance, fantasy, etc.


Short stories are short texts, written in prose, with the greatest respect for the language in question. They revolve around a single event. There are generally a limited number of characters, but these characters are often endowed with a particular psychological reality. Short stories often end with a form of downfall that surprises the reader.

Paintings, photographs, sculptures, engravings: anything is possible.

The chosen work will be at the heart of the story. It must be on display in a museum or other space that is open to the public.

Register before December 31st, 2014.


We are very happy to tell you that this contest is made possible with the support of Alliance Française locations throughout Canada and the National Gallery of Canada.


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