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Translation Grant of the Centre National du Livre (CNL)

The Centre National du Livre offers, three times a year, a financial support to help English-speaking Canadian publishers offsetting the cost of a translation from a French title.

The next application session will be in October and the deadline to apply is February 20th, 2018. The grant must be awarded before the publication of the translation and covers between 40 and 60% of the costs of the translation.

General eligibility criteria
The original work must be in French, under copyright, and fall within the subject categories of one of the thematic commissions of the CNL. Teaching materials, practical guides, reviews, as well as works in the public domain are not eligible.

To apply, you must transmit the completed application dossier to the French publisher and rights holder of the work, who will pass it on to the CNL. In order to be on time for the appropriate CNL commission, we advise to send the complete application dossier to the original publisher one month before the closing date for submission established by the CNL.

More information
You can find more information, as well as the applications forms, on the CNL Website. You can also get in touch or contact the publisher of the French title.