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The Smurfs Anthology, Vol. 1

Written by Peyo & Yvan Delporte | June 2013
The Smurfs Anthology, Vol. 1
Papercutz | June 2013

When the Belgian cartoonist Peyo created a village of cute little woodland creatures for his heroes Johan and Peewit to discover, he couldn’t have known that they would wildly outgrow those humble origins to become a worldwide phenomenon all on their own. More than 50 years later, The Smurfs continue to delight us all with their silliness, bravery, heroism, and heart, and now we finally have a definitive collection of Peyo’s original comics to see where it all began.

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“Entertaining and endearing.”- School Library Journal

“Cartooning’s craftsmanship at its height.”- The Comics Journal

"Remarkably timeless." - Newsarama

"Any story with the Smurfs will elicit a nostalgic feel, but this will also bring in new fans." - No Flying, No Tights

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