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Kilti, your art box, soon in Canada ?

September 01, 2015 | By francecanadaculture Canada

Inspired from the local produced vegetables boxes, the art box is an initiative to consume art differently. Buying an art box, it's helping the local creation and the local art places. The principle is very simple : a new box every 2 months.
Active in the North of France, in Paris and in Brussels, maybe soon in Canada ?

How is it working ?

Kilti proposes a new box every 2 months, so 5 boxes a year. You can take out a yearly subscription to access to even more surprises or buy a box punctually. The content of each box is a surprise but the themes given to the box can let you guess the programming lines.

For each edition, a delivery party is organized to meet the artists and persons who contributed to create the box. And if you can not attend the party, you will pick up your box in a relay points.

More information here