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A Special Issue on Francophone Literary Journalism in the LJS Journal

March 06, 2017 | By francecanadaculture Toronto

Literary Journalism Studies, a journal sponsored by the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies (IALJS), has dedicated its latest issue to Francophone literary journalism, its history, influences and legacies.

From France with authors like Colette and Françoise Giroud, to Canada and Belgium with Gabrielle Roy and Marc Augis, this new issue provides readers with a portrait of the vitality of liter­ary journalism itself and literary journalism studies in the French language.

Each issue of Literary Journalism Studies ends with an interview of a practitioner from the creative non-fiction field and this one is no exception to the rule: Professors Isabelle Meuret and Florence Le Cam interview French writer Jean Hatzfeld, an international reporter for Libération since 1973, and the author of many books, including a trilogy on the war in Rwanda, all translated into English (Life Laid Bare, Machete Season and The Antelope's Strategy).

You can find the complete issue online here.

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