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Hervé Le Tellier

(Updated on March 01, 2014)

Hervé Le Tellier, born in Paris in 1957, was a mathematician, then a science journalist, before devoting himself entirely to writing.

He is equally interested in short-form writing – A Thousand Pearls (for a Thousand Pennies), Joconde jusqu’à cent(Mona Lisa to a Hundred), etc. – as in poetry – Zindien, l’Herbier des villes (The City Herbarium) – as well as theatre and fiction. His two most recent novels (Assez parlé d’amour (Enough About Love) and Electrico W, published by Lattès)have been translated into a dozen languages. In 2013, he received the Grand Prix of Dark Humour for his “translation” of fictional poet Jaime Montestrela’s Contes liquides (Liquid Tales).

Having joined the Oulipo (Ouvrioir de Littérature Potentielle, Workshop of Potential Literature) writers in 1992, he published an essay about the group entitled Esthétique de l’Oulipo (Oulipo Aesthetics).

He also appears regularly on Françoise Treussard’s literary quiz radio programme Papous dans la tête (Papuans on the mind) on France-Culture. Since 2001 he has written a daily humour column for the online edition of Le Monde newspaper. Finally, for the past four years he has had a “non-sensical” humour column in the journal Clés.