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Renaud Dillies

(Updated on May 06, 2014)

Comic illustrator Renaud Dillies was born in Lille, France. He apprenticed in Spirou magazine, working with artists Frédéric Jannin and Clarke’s Mélusine. He made his solo debut with the comic Betty Blues in 2003, which won him the prestigious “best debut’ comic prize at the Angoulême comics festival. Dillies’ English-language debut was Bubbles & Gondola in 2011, which was followed in 2012 by Abelard (with writer Régis Hautière), both of which have been published by NBM. Both volumes were nominated for Eisner Awards in their respective years, and both works have drawn critical raves from reviewers and institutions alike. In 2013, an English edition of Betty Blues was published by NBM.