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Maps to the stars / La carte des étoiles (coproduction)

Directed by David Cronenberg
Release date: October 31st 2014

In Hollywood, the city of dreams, stars collide: Benjie, 13 years old and already a star; his father, Sanford Weiss, a successful author and coach to the famous; his client, beautiful Havana Segrand, whom he is helping to be fulfilled both as a woman and an actress. The movie capital also promises happiness in films and glossy magazines to those who try to reach the stars: Agatha, a young woman barely off the bus who has become Havana's assistant, and Jerome Fontana, the attractive chauffeur with whom she links up, who aspires to be famous. But why is it said that Hollywood is the town of vice and neuroses, incest and jealousy? The city of dreams makes ghosts come alive and above all promises an unleashing of impulses and the smell of blood.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015