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Moomins on The Riviera

Directed by Xavier Picard
Release date: June 24, 2016

All is quiet in idyllic Moomin Valley. But appearances can sometimes be misleading.
The intrusion of a gang of pirates, whose ship has crashed on the reefs, will upset the tranquil lives of the Moomins and give them a thirst for adventure.
Accompanied by Snorkmaiden and Little My, the Moomins set out in a small sailing ship. Caught in a violent storm, they wash up on a desert island before reaching the Côte d'Azur. Following a misunderstanding, they're offered the finest suite in the Grand-Hôtel.
Like fish out of water, Moominpappa forms a friendship with an aristocrat and a failed artist, while Snorkmaiden falls under the spell of a playboy, which drives poor Mommintroll mad with jealousy. Moominmamma, tired of this life so foreign to her, then leaves the hotel with Moomin, so as to live on the beach.
For the first time, Moomin family unity is threatened...

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Thursday, June 23, 2016