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Theatrical Releases

NEW - The Fabulous Patars

Directed by Sophie Reine
Release date: May 26th, 2017

Denis is a loving albeit overworked father. He struggles to raise his boisterous daughters Janis (13) and Mercredi (9) on his own while holding down two jobs. Everything goes sour when Denis forgets Mercredi one too many times at the school gates. Séverine, a cheerful social worker, is appointed to scrutinize the family’s daily lives and soon cannot avoid condemning Denis to a «parent» training course… Will the somewhat eccentric family be able to conform and remain together under one roof?

NEW - Like mother, like daughter

Directed by Noémie Saglio
Release date: May 26th, 2017

Inseparable, Avril and her mother Mado could nevertheless not be more different. Avril, thirty years old, is married, has a job, and is very organized, unlike her mother, an eternal wild and carefree teenager who, since her divorce, has been living off her daughter. But when they both become pregnant at the same time and under the same roof, a clash is inevitable. Because, although Mado, going through a teenage crisis, is not ready to be a grandmother, Avril, in her own way, is equally not ready to imagine her mother... a mother!

The Death of Louis XIV

Directed by Albert Serra
Release date: May 19th, 2017

Août 1715. À son retour de promenade, Louis XIV ressent une vive douleur à la jambe. Les jours suivants, le Roi poursuit ses obligations mais ses nuits sont agitées, la fièvre le gagne. Il se nourrit peu et s’affaiblit de plus en plus. C’est le début de la lente agonie du plus grand Roi de France, entouré de ses fidèles et de ses médecins.

Robert Doisneau, through the lens

Directed by Clémentine Deroudille
Release date: May 19th, 2017

Featuring previously unissued photographs and video archives as well as interviews of his friends and partners in crime, “Doisneau: through the lens” tells how the kid from the poor suburbs turned superstar photographer. It draws the intimate portrait of the life and work – being so closely interwoven – of an artist fiercely determined to be a purveyor of happiness.


Directed by Hélène ANGEL
Release date: May 12th 2017

Florence is a school teacher devoted to her students. When she encounters young Sacha, a child with problems, she will do everything she can to help him, even to the point of neglecting her own children, her own life, and of questioning her vocation. Little by little Florence realizes that we learning has no age limit.


Directed by Eric Summer, Eric Warin
Release date: February 24, 2017

Félicie is a young Breton orphan with only one passion: dance. With her best friend Victor, who would like to become a great inventor, she puts together a nutty plan in order to escape from the orphanage and to head for Paris, the City of Lights with its Eiffel Tower now under construction. Félicie must fight like she's never fought before to overcome and to learn from her mistakes in order to fulfill her most crazy dream: to become the prima ballerina at the Paris Opera...


Directed by François Ozon
Release date: April 7th 2017
In a small German town, a young woman named Anna (Paula Beer) makes daily visits to the grave of her fiancé, Frantz, who was recently killed in France during battle in World War I. While mourning one day, Anna forms a bond with a mysterious Frenchman named Adrien Rivoire (Pierre Niney), who has also been placing flowers on Frantz’s grave.


Directed by Lisa Azuelos
Release date: April 28th, 2017

From her birth in Cairo in 1933 to her debut perfomance at the Olympia in 1956, from her marriage with Lucien Morisse, the boss of the emerging Europe no 1 radio station, to disco nights, from her journeys of discovery in India to the worldwide hit of "Gigi l'Amoroso" in 1974, Dalida is the intimate portrait of an absolute, complex, and sunny woman... A modern woman at a time that was less so... Despite her tragic death in 1987, Dalida continues to shine with her eternal presence.

Two is a family

Directed by Hugo Gélin
Release date: April 7th, 2017

Samuel lives his life without any attachments or responsibilities, beside the sea in the sunshine of southern France, near to people he loves and with whom he works without tiring himself too much.
That is until the day that one of his former girlfriends deposits a little baby in his arms: Gloria, his daughter! Incapable of looking after a baby and determined to give the baby back to her mother, Samuel dashes to London in an attempt to find her, without any luck.
Eight years later, Samuel and Gloria have made their life in Paris and are now inseparable. Then Gloria's mother turns up and wants her daughter back...

Step by step

Directed by Grand Corps Malade
Release date: May 5th, 2017

Based on the novel Grands Corps Malade. Washing, dressing oneself, walking, playing basketball, this is what Ben can no longer do when he arrives in physical therapy center after a serious accident. His new friends are tetraplegics, paraplegics, or suffer from cranial trauma... In short, the cream of the crop of the disabled. Together they will learn to be patient. They'll resist, boast, argue, and seduce each other, but above all, will find enough energy to learn how to live again. Step by Step is the story of a rebirth, a chaotic journey made up of victories and defeats, tears and laughter, but above all of encounters: you can't get well alone.

I, Daniel Blake (UK/FR/BE)

Directed by Ken Loach
Release date: May 5th, 2017

A 59-year-old carpenter recovering from a heart attack befriends a single mother and her two kids as they battle the impersonal, bureaucratic forces of the benefits system in order to receive Employment and Support Allowance. British master Ken Loach won his second Palme d’Or at Cannes for this timely drama with equal amounts of humor, warmth and despair.

Graduation (RO/FR/BE)

Directed by Cristian Mungiu
Release date: April 28th, 2017

Romeo Aldea is a seemingly honest doctor who regrets having settled in his native Romania, a country still teeming with corruption and back dealings. He channels his ambitions for a better life into his teenage daughter, Eliza, who’s just one exam away from securing a scholarship to a prestigious British university. But when Eliza is attacked on the eve of her test, endangering her ability to pass, Romeo takes matters into his own hands to ensure her success.

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Like Crazy

Directed by Paolo Virzi
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