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Directed by Dany Boon
Release date: September 5th 2014

Romain Faubert is forty years old, unmarried, has no children. His work as a photographer for an online medical dictionary exacerbates the pathological hypochondria which has guided his existence for far too long now, and which has turned him into a neurotic who's afraid of everything. His only true friend is his GP, Doctor Dimitri Zvenska, who once felt fond of his patient, but who now bitterly regrets this. The imaginary invalid is difficult to manage and Dimitri would give anything to get rid of him for good. Doctor Zvenska thinks he's found the remedy to gentrly give Romain Faubert the shove: he will help him find the woman of his dreams. Dimitri invites Romain to evenings in his home, signs him up on a dating website, forces him to do some sport, and even coaches him on the ways to seduce and behave with women. But finding the rare gem who is able to stand Romain and to cure him of his hypochondria through love proves more difficult than expected.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014