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ARTE now available in English

April 01, 2016 | By francecanadaculture Film

ARTE, the European culture channel, now offers a selection of programmes subtitled in English on and in Spanish on, alongside French and German. Thanks to this free offering, web users can watch new, high quality programmes every week throughout the world in four languages.

With the support of the European Union, some of ARTE’s best documentaries and flagship magazine shows are now available to an international audience. Magazine shows include ARTE Reportage, focused on international news, and Metropolis, an exploration of European art and culture. The ARTE Concert strand features live performances of music, dance, theatre, and opera.

To give you an overview of the offering, here are a few highlights:

Daesh : Deserters and their Testimonies

Most who go to join Daesh never come back; but a small number do. This is their story; what they did, what life under Daesh was like, and how they got out.

ARTE Reportage: The Graves of the Nameless

In the USA, a Texas sheriff is determined to give names and faces back to the thousands of unidentified bodies found along the border. They are migrants who died of dehydration as they crossed the Sonoran Desert in an attempt to make it into the US.


Epilators, wax, threading, shaving, laser... all are proof of one undeniable thing: we really, really hate body hair. How do we resist the body police, and our own internalised horror at something that is after all natural – and possibly even useful?

Dig It !

The ‘digger’ is a passionate seeker of rare sounds who is shaping tomorrow’s music with today’s technologies. The series Dig it! dives into the world of these globe-trotting musical treasure hunters.

Ambassadors of Harmony | 2016 Barbershop Music Festival

The Ambassadors of Harmony is known for its powerful and masterful performances. Its repertoire ranges from Broadway classics to barbershop, jazz, pop, and a wide selection of classic tunes.