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Final Report: The Future of Digital Content, A France-Canada Summit

April 10, 2014 | By francecanadaculture Film

The Embassy of France in Canada and Information and Communications Technology Council are pleased to release this final, comprehensive report from the Future of Digital Content, A France-Canada Summit event. The event comprised 100 Canadian and French participants including leaders, regulators, and managers from the musical content and the audiovisual and interactive industries, representatives from private and public companies of all sizes as well as support and regulatory bodies who met in Ottawa to discuss the challenges of the new digital ecosystem, and to debate on how public authorities and public enterprises could contribute to building an industry of viable content. Today, the French Embassy in Canada and the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), organizers of this forum, are releasing the report putting the questions raised and the recommendations made during this event into perspective.

This publication that we have the pleasure of sharing with you contains the newest information relevant to the questions raised by the forum and is the result of facilitated exchanges, collaboration and consultations between France and Canada. It is also an opportunity for us and our partners to renew our commitment to actively participate in bilateral dialogue concerning the issues faced by the content industries.

“France and Canada each have a very favourable and, oftentimes, very complementary environment for the development of content industries: very extensive public financing; high-quality training programs; and very dynamic audiovisual, cinema, video games, new technology, telecommunications, and music sectors. The Embassy of France in Canada intends to work towards making meaningful contributions to mutualizing the influence that our respective markets have on the development of future content. We would like to express our genuine thanks to all of the partners who have collaborated with us on our programs,” says Catherine Briat, Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of France in Canada.

“The entertainment and digital media landscape is changing quickly. The rapid growth in adoption of tablets and smartphones worldwide is a new opportunity to attract national and international audiences, and to innovate new products and services. The success of digital media will not just be a matter of equipment and infrastructure; training and talent development will be critical to its success,” said Namir Anani, President and CEO of the Information and Communications Technology Council.

“Transitioning to the digital landscape has not been easy and it is not complete. Perhaps no sector has experienced the consequences of the digital revolution more than music. We must continue to make digital innovation a key priority while also working with government to update support programs and policies from the analogue era in which they were drafted. Forums like this one are an important step in that direction,” said Graham Henderson, President, Music Canada.

“Faced with a fragmented audience spread out over several platforms, it is essential for everyone involved in content production and distribution to work together, sharing both risks and rewards, while being able to count on a regulatory framework that allows for the creation of strong and integrated national players that can compete with international giants,” said J.Serge Sasseville, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Affairs at Quebecor Media.

“The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is delighted to have taken an active part in the summit to learn from and share with Canadian and French industry leaders as we continue to contribute to shaping how both countries can meet the demands of the future,” says Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “Through industry partnerships such as the summit, we want to continue the dialogue to guide Canadian content towards a competitive global digital environment by supporting innovation in the industry.”

SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste praised the event, saying: “Creators’ rights are the foundation of activities that every year add billions of dollars to the Canadian economy, provide jobs to Canadians, equalize our dependency on imported entertainment and support and nurture personalities that are worldwide icons of Canadian culture, creativity and flair. Working together across our industries’ traditional divides will help foster a vibrant marketplace, provided that we can rely on a robust and stable regulatory framework here and in key countries around the world.”

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ICTC and the French Embassy in Canada would like to thank the following partners for their support and leadership.

The event received major support from Music Canada and Quebecor, as well as support from the Society of Composers Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, and the Canada Media Fund.

Additional sponsors were the Institut Français, Telefilm Canada, TV5 Québec Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada, the Ontario Media Development Corporation, SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles), and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.