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French films at the Ottawa International Animation Festival

September 09, 2014 | By francecanadaculture Ottawa
Idents 'France 3 2013', clip promotionnel de Nicolas Deveaux

For 38 years, the OIAF (Ottawa International Animation Festival) has attracted film and animation buffs, art lovers and filmmakers from around the globe. This year, approximately 100 finalists are selected for the Film competition, among whom are many French films.

From September 17-21, downtown Ottawa is the stage where you can enjoy the world's most cutting-edge, thoughful, funny and provocative animation films while mingling with many of animation's most celebrated stars, studios and characters. Whether you love classic cartoons, mind-bending experiments, fantastic digital creations, dazzling effects, technical fireworks, thought provoking observations, or pure gut-busting fun, there is something for everyone and anyone.

The Official Competition section of the Ottawa International Animation Festival consists of works selected by the OIAF programming team. On average, the OIAF receives over 2100 submissions each year. Competition includes categories for narrative, exprimental and student films, TV shows, commercials, school showreel, music videos and films and TV shows made for children.

In the Feature category, one French film is in Competition: Tante Hilda (Aunt Hilda) by Jacques-Remy Girerd and Benoît Chieux (2013)

Six French short films are in competition: Padre by Santiago 'Bou' Grasso, Fight by Marc James Roels, Idents 'France 3 2013' a promotional animation by Nicolas Deveaux, Insolation by Morgane Le Péchon, La chair de ma mère by Calvin Antoine Blandin and Supervenus by Frederic Doazan.

Four French movies take part to the Kids Competition: La petite casserole d'Anatole, Le parfum de la carotte, Les larmes du crocodile et La Bûche de Noël (A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log).

Finally, three short movies will be shown in the Showcase category: A Blue Room, Land and Ascension.


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