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French artists at the NAC - 2015-2016 season

August 05, 2015 | By francecanadaculture Canada

Success story : MARCH 2016 : Ca ira (1) Fin de Louis, by Joël Pommerat

NAC Co-production

Just when we thought we had them all figured out, the notions of democracy, society and state have resurfaced as topics of international debate. To shed some light on these contemporary issues, Joël Pommerat revives the myth of the French Revolution, engaging actors and audience in a resolutely modern investigation of political events whose repercussions are felt to this day.

It was from 16 to 19 March, 2016 at the NAC and we loved it !

 More information here

The press articles below : 

- Le Devoir

- Le Droit


All these beautiful shows are in the NAC !

Many people already know it, the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa opened in 1969. Created by the Parliament of Canada as a Centennial project during the 1960s, the NAC has become the main centre for the performing arts in Canada. Close to Parliament Hill, between Elgin Street and the Rideau Canal, it was designated a National Historic Site in 2006.

This year 3 french shows are proposed in the new and rich programming.

It's done but we liked it a lot !

DECEMBER 2015 : L’arpès-midi d’un Foehn by the Non Nova company and the artist Phia Ménard.

Formed by Jerome Thomas, Phia Ménard is today one of the most important and emblematic figures of contemporary circus.

Did you know that you can juggle air stream? With the wind?

Between dance, circus and juggling, with the music of Claude Debussy, a ballet gives birth to a choreography of plastic dancers propelled into the air. A poetic and sublime moment, playful and colorful, epic too. And the magic works for adults and kids ...

On the side of the dance

FEBRUARY 2016 : Monchichi by Wang Ramirez company

Award-winning creators and interpreters duo, Wang and Ramirez make the dance live through music, film, fashion, contemporary art and advertising. 

In Monchichi, Honji Wang (German ballerina of Korean ancestry) and Sébastien Ramirez (French b-boy of Spanish origin) rub identity, love, and cultural differences. Hip-hop and contemporary dance collide in a moving and subtle fusion that defies categorization, each movement building on the personal experiences of the performers. 

On the music of Everydayz/+∞, the dance unfolds smoothly, transcends contrasts, bursting into stunning new movements.

From 25 to 27 February, 2016. More information here

--> For our greater pleasure, they will give an 1.5 hour masterclass at The School of Dance of Ottawa for their Contemporary Dance Diploma Programme on February, 24th.