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Spotlight on French Jazz #2

August 07, 2013 | By francecanadaculture Ottawa

The Embassy of France in Canada, Institut Français, and the Consulates General of France in Vancouver and Moncton are delighted to present Spotlight on French Jazz #2.

2013 brings a very eclectic edition of the festival

From June 21st to July 9th, the Spotlight on French Jazz will showcase five ensembles, each with its own unique aesthetic and each representing one facet of French musical creativity: Thomas Enhco, Nicolas Repac, Rémi Panossian, The French American Peace Ensemble and 10 Years of The Triplets of Belleville!

These ensembles will perform at the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and TD Halifax Jazz Festival.

Sunday, June 23, 6PM
National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage

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This ensemble brings together improvisers from Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and France. With more than a century of improvisation experience under their belts, they will present creations combining jazz, folk, blues, and world music.

Wednesday, June 26, 10:30PM
OLG Stage, Festival Plaza

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Ben Charest and the Belleville Orchestra will have the audience swinging to the sound of 1930s France. A high-colour spectacle that will carry us away into the atmosphere of a 1930s Parisian cabaret.

Thurday, June 27, 10PM
OLG Stage, Marion Dewar Plaza

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Guitarist, manipulator of musical machines of all kinds, and composer, Nicolas Repac will perform songs from his most recent album, Black Box, a musical voyage representing the diversities of the blues.

Friday, June 28, 9PM
National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage

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Seeing themselves as more of a rock group, the trio works on melodies that are both complex and fluid, showcasing the talent and the jazz training of these instrumentalists. A subtle mix of energy and tenderness.

Saturday, June 29, 6PM
National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage
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A star on the contemporary scene, Thomas Enhco deftly explores the light and darkness of jazz. The dreamy, otherworldly melodies of his compositions often hide dark and melancholy depths. A mysterious universe to discover.

Embassy of France in Canada
Press: Gaëlle Essoo
Coordination: Caroline Guespin