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Alain Dubos

Auteur de la coproduction franco-acadienne Et l'Acadie, Majesté?
(Updated on July 17, 2014)

Specialist of great novels and family sagas, Alain Dubos has in a decade, achieved a unique tremendous work of its kind in Canada to Louisiana, Manitoba, Canada Frontenac and Papineau, with a detour through the haunts of Lafitte brothers, he was able to provide a near-complete picture of what was, from Louis XIV to Napoleon, the French America.

Bringing each time a careful and faithful work in the reconstruction and evocation of an era, it has sought to describe the reality of a country, the lives of men with this humanist and generous look that characterizes it. His latest book, "Les tribus du roi", which tells the Great Peace of Montreal, has received in France, the 2012 Historia Prize.