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Albin de la Simone

(Updated on September 02, 2014)

Albin de la Simone (born in Amiens, Picardy, France on 14 December 1970) is a French singer-songwriter. He began his career with his sights set on the jazz world, but underwent a radical change of musical direction after meeting leading ‘minimalist pop’ stars such as Matthieu Boogaerts and M. Today, the talented singer and keyboard-player has established himself as a major new talent in his own right.

Music played a major role in Albin's life from an early age. His father was a jazz clarinettist and, under his guiding influence, young Albin began practising his scales and mastering the rudiments of this highly technical style.

Albin began accompanying a young singer by the name of Clara Finster while at the Conservatoire. And the pair's collaboration would last a further six years. In those days, Albin had one single goal in life: he had his sights firmly set on becoming a jazz musician. But in 1998, Albin met the musician and arranger Jérôme Goldet who introduced him to several leading pop singers of his generation including the two Matthieus: Matthieu Chédid (aka "M") and Matthieu Boogaerts. These encounters acted as a veritable catalyst on Albin.

Albin finally decided to cut his ties with the jazz world and try his hand at something new. And he soon found himself inundated with offers of work. Female vocalist Nina Morato was the first artist to call upon his services, and she was soon followed by a number of other leading singers such as Matthieu Boogaerts, Jean-Louis Aubert, Alain Chamfort, Angélique Kidjo, Adamo and Arthur H. Malian star Salif Keita went even further, engaging Albin to accompany him on an extensive world tour! Albin thus gained valuable experience as a studio pianist as well as a stage performer, and even tried his hand at arranging every now and then.

Albin received a further boost in self-confidence when Alain Souchon, one of his music heroes from the older generation, invited Albin to support him at a series of concerts in 2003.

Albin de la Simone's eponymous album was finally released on 16 September 2003. And the singer-pianist paid tribute to Souchon, inviting his former music idol into the studio to sing with him on one track.

As his own solo career continued to go from strength to strength, Albin continued to step in and help out many of his old friends as a keyboard-player. In the summer of 2005, Albin resumed his concerts on the festival circuit, appearing as one of the headlining acts at the Francofolies in Montreal in July.

Other highlights amongst Albin's collaborations since 2000 include guest appearances on albums by Myrtille ("Murmures") and Jipé Nataf ("Plus de sucre"), Jean Louis Aubert's compilation "Comme on a dit" and the latest offerings by Adamo ("Zanzibar") and Alain Chamfort ("Le plaisir.")

In July 2007, Albin finally went into the studio to record his third album, "Bungalow!", so called because previously he had jetted off to spend a month alone on the Indonesian island of Bali, shutting himself away in a bungalow to write lyrics, work on arrangements – and even record the high-pitched backing vocals used on the final mix of his album!

He organizes in 2012 the quebecker version of the "Films Fantômes" event (Ghosts Films) for the Festival of New Cinema of Montreal. Six musicians contribute to it as well as the actors Marc Labrèche, Andrée Lachapelle, Sophie Cadieux, Laurent Lucas, Monique Giroux, Pierre Lapointe, Ariane Moffatt... The Exhibition occupy a whole floor of the PHI center.

In 2013 February he released his fourth album, "Un homme".

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