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(Updated on July 11, 2014)
© Olivier Bonnet

Three years after it's creation, loads of remixes, EP's and a phenomenal tour praised by professionals and the crowd, Christine is back with "Death On Wheels". Behind their four turntables, Nicolas Lerille et Stéphane Delplanque condense the strength of modern music from funk to hip hop, from raw rock to electro, and always keep an hardened eye on the films clothing their live. Surrounded by renown sound engineers (Phoenix, Sebastien Tellier, Bloc Party), fundamentally free about their artistic choices, the two french guys go harder in 2013 with their new "Death On Wheels" EP and several shows to present their new live through the globe. Offering an exploding and refreshing live experience, Christine pull us in the dark wake of a booming saturated music which our ears can't stop delight with.

Source : MEG