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Etienne Saglio

(Updated on July 07, 2014)
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Born in 1984, he began to juggle at home at the age of 6. At the age of 17, he attended to the National school of circus of Chatellerault for one year, before he entered Lido in Toulouse for 2 years, where he discovered and learned about character work, improvising, and knockabout. He improved his skills in juggling and began to work with objects and to shape a personal universe around a character, built after the unexpected discovery of a long black coat.

In 2005, Etienne entered the National Centre of Circus Arts, where he worked with Alexandre Del Perugia. Then he followed a magical training, that allowed him to enrich his relation with the object and to meet well-known and real masters, such as Philippe Genty. His path crossed with Coline Serreau, Philippe Découflé and Raphael Navarro as well.

When he leaved the NCCA in 2007, he addressed to write his first performance Le Soir des Monstres.

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