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Le Bal de L'Afrique Enchantée

(Updated on July 11, 2014)

Le bal de l'Afrique enchantée arose from a radio show of the same name, heard every Sunday on France Inter. On the air for the last eight years, Soro Solo and his buddy Vladimir Calognari tell us about Africa like nobody else, with anecdotes, stories and songs. The show gave birth to the eponymous “Bal”.

The energy and enthusiasm unleashed by these two radio hosts on each of their shows mirror their passion for the African continent they crisscross and describe at length. This is the context that gave rise to the Bal, a group of 11 musicians determined to bring spectators into Africa’s warmth, into the irresistible beats and melodies. They call themselves the Mercenaries of Ambiance!

On the program: the top tunes from the modern African repertory, the continent’s big hits, orchestrated by hosts Soro Solo and Vladimir Cagnolari. Attending one of their concerts is like embarking on a journey across countries, eras and musical styles, from Congolese rumba to Nigerian Afro-beat, Ghanaian high life, Senegalese Afro-salsa, Cameroonian bikutsi and Congolese soukouss. How can anyone shun the dance floor?

On stage with them are Florent Briqué (trumpet), Christophe Cagnolari (saxophone), Ballou Canta (vocals), Chritian Templet (drums), Florian Junnemann (guitar), Roger Kom (saxophone and vocals), Michel Lumana Massewu (bass), Philippe Monange (keyboards), Charles Obin-Yapi (percussions), Michel Pinheiro (trombone and vocals), Abdoulaye Traoré (guitar) and Mohamed Diaby (vocals).

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