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Liz Cherhal

(Updated on July 17, 2014)
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Liz discovered music at the age of 12, while she learned how to play the guitar and solfeggio. She stopped lesson over a period of two years, but continues guitar practice by herself. As a teenager, she discovered theatre and took music and drama classes; then she met Nicolas Berton and Olivier Touati with whom she created the band "Uztaglote". This band has given over 200 concerts between 2003 and 2008.

Simultaneously, she wrote - alone - a performance of songs called "Une mélodie à deux balles, c’est deux chances de vous en coller une dans la tête". In 2005, thanks to a partnership with the Bouche d'Air (Nantes), she created this performance under the alias "Liz" and accompanied by the guitarist Cedric Cartier. Her performance has been played over one hundred times.

In 2008, Liz released her first record, called "L’Homme Chrysanthème". In 2010, she created her second performance "Il est arrivé Quelque Chose".
At the beginning of 2011, Liz went into the studio to record her first album. After long and detailed consideration, she chose to promote herself to artistic director and established this basic premise : "For this record, I have to do a music that I want to listen". She penned all the lyrics and wrote all the musics.

In 2014, Liz Cherhal recorded her second album "Les Survivantes". While she penned all her lyrics, she assigned the writing of some songs to Morvan Prat - her bassist. This album will be released in October 2014.
Liz Cherhal writes for and with other artists ; in 2010, she released the musical show/album for children and parents, "Ronchonchon et Compagnie", co-written with Alexis HK and performed by Juliette, Loic Lantoine, Jehan et Laurent Deschamps. She composed original musics for the theatre too : the Theatre Messidor's Création Candide, and Philippe Sizaire's show "Les enfants de Neige".

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