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Nicolas Bouchaud

(Updated on July 07, 2014)
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Born in 1966 in Antony, Nicolas Bouchaud is the son of stage director Jean Bouchaud and of  actress Danielle Girard. He studied classical literature and initiated himself to theatre in Studio 34. Professional actor since 1991, his encounter with Didier-Georges Gabily and the band T'chang' in 1992 determined a close collaboration for several performances, that would continue until Gabily's death in 1996. Then started a long association with Jean-François Sivadier. For the 2008 Festival d'Avignon, he presented a collective performance, Paul Claudel's Partage du Midi. In 2010, he brought on stage Serge Daney, that he performed himself, and was directed by Eric Didry (La Loi du Marcheur in the Théâtre du Rond-Point).
In 2013, he worked with Judith Henry in Projet Luciole, written and directed by Nicolas Truong during the Festival d'Avignon.