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Seun Kuti

(Updated on June 23, 2014)
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Born in 1983 and son of the singer songwriter Fela Kuti, Seun Anikulapo Kuti started saxophone and piano apprenticeship when he was eight years old. He started playing live when he was nine, first as chorister, and then by opening for his father with Fela's band. Seun Anikulapo Kuti possesses the same grace, energy and rage than his father. With the support of Egypt 80 - the famous band of his father - musicians, he revived the original incarnation of the Afro beat. Here we have it all : gesture, phrasing, soundness of brass, incomparable groove of percussion and Africa's sounds.

With an astonishing maturity, Seun leads with tremendous energy his band on stage, playing his father's repertory as well as his own compositions. In one of them, IMF (International Mother Fuckers), Seun Anikulapo Kuti raises his fist as a sign of revolt. A fist, whose shape recalls the African one on the cover of his last album, A Long Way To The Beginning. Africa and revolt : two themes, which were pet to his "Black President" father, Fela, killed by AIDS in 1997. Two themes that the young musician link to the Afrobeat future.

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