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CALL FOR ENTRIES 2014 - Courants du Monde

A dynamic network materialized through this interactive directory of professionals around the world who hold positions of responsibility and who are confirmed specialists in their field of activity, creating sustained co-operation and exchange activities in the field of culture between France and foreign countries. The most frequently requested fields include cultural management and administration, books and reading, decorative and fine arts, museums, audio-visual and multimedia, performing arts, archives, heritage, publishing, libraries, architecture and city planning. This program, set up and administered by the Institute for World Cultures, receives the support of the European and International Affairs Department as well as that of the various specialized Divisions of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It also relies on a large network of public and private cultural infrastructures, whose broad range of competencies covers every aspect of modern cultural activities.

1) Training workshops & seminars
These take place all year round in Paris and other French cities and aim at providing cultural leaders with practical tools for the analysis, design and management of cultural projects and institutions. At the same time, these workshops promote the creation of networks of cultural leaders from around the world. Interaction among specialists in smaller groups is encouraged around specific technical topics over a two-week period. The participants take part in training courses and information sessions held by both academics and practitioners, meet up with leaders of French cultural institutions, visit a large number of cultural organizations and participate in discussions and debates. There are currently eight of these programs per year :
- Leading and Managing Cultural Projects (French speaking professionals);
- Cultural Industries in Europe and in the Euromed countries (bilingual);
- European Seminar for Curators (bilingual);
- Cultural Policies and Cultural Administration (French speaking professionals);
- Financing and Economics of Culture (French speaking professionals);
- Archival Theories and Practices (French speaking professionals);
- Managing Library Projects (French speaking professionals);
- Electronic Resources in Librairies (French speaking professionals).

2) Cultural residencies and individual networking programs
Every year, the World Cultures Institute invites 50 to 60 cultural professionals for custom-designed programs to promote exchanges of know-how between participants and their French counterparts and to encourage partnerships. These two-week programs are intended for cultural leaders in the following fields: fine arts, museum, theater, circus, music, dance, cinema, archive, library, architecture, city planning and heritage.

3) Bilingual Art Administrator Exchange Programs
Expertise projects are organized for non French-speaking professionals upon request from foreign institutions* with the European and International Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, according to pre-established agreements. Some of the specific topics that have been addressed so far are: Film preservation, heritage preservation and promotion, music industry and property rights, design, prehistoric rock art, organization of festivals, publishing industry, educational and outreach policies in the field of Arts and Culture, creative centers formed from grassroots artistic initiatives and founded with the involvement of communities, etc.

More about the program, application timeline (only in French)

Foreign candidates will send their applications by May 9th to the cultural services of the French Embassy / Consulates General of France in Canada to be approved. The Cultural Services Cultural Services of the French Embassy / Consulates General of France in Canada will then forward selected applications to the French Ministry of Culture.