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"Canada Canada" by the famous artist Rip Hopkins!

August 26, 2016 | By francecanadaculture Canada

Based on an original idea from the Embassy of France, Canada Canada is THE exhibit of OTTAWA2017 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada!

Rip Hopkins strolls through the streets and seasons of Ottawa to paint an intimate portrait of contemporary Canada. Canada Canada incorporates people of all ages, all origins and all walks of life.

It’s also an exploration of the background of each person through photos and short written and audio interviews. Follow us on Facebook and our blog! (under development)

Look for Rip in each photo. Where is he?

Can you find him in this photo?

Canada Canada will invade the city of Ottawa in 2017 so don't miss the following events:

* OCTOBER 2016 & FEBRUARY 2017: for photo shootings in the streets of Ottawa. Be careful, you're being photographed!

* APRIL 2017: arty, urban and unique street party, a part of Ignite 150 with projections, music and a festive atmosphere! Secret location, woo-hoo!

* APRIL 28 - JUNE 11, 2017: exhibit at the Ottawa Art Gallery. A ne pas manquer !

* APRIL 28 - for ever : The  CANADA CANADA book !!!

* and other surprises! ****

This extraordinary project could not take place without the support of our partners: the British High-Commission, Ottawa 2017, the Cité Collégiale, Ottawa Art Gallery and the Novotel.

And as a premiere, here are some photos of his firsts shooting sessions :

In May 2016

In Octobre 2016

More about the artist Rip Hopkins HERE.