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Slavery memory in Pointe-à-Pitre with the ACTe Inauguration Memorial

May 19, 2015 | By francecanadaculture Canada

on May 10th 2015, French President François Hollande inaugurated the National Day of commemoration of Slavery abolition at the Mémorial ACTe Guadeloupe. Few personalities partiicpated at the event; among them, Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture, and several African and Caribbean representatives.

Achieved on the Darboussier site, the ACTe Memorial, Caribbean Center of Slavery expressions, was given for mission to contribute through acknowledgement, culture and creation, to the healing of wounds of the Guadeloupean and Caribbean societies'Founding History.

« Nous devons, nous les héritiers et enfants de la Guadeloupe, témoins et acteurs de l’Histoire, créer un nouvel humanisme […]. Rassembler, témoigner, se souvenir, construire, s’inscrire pour éviter l’oubli et pour que demain les pires moments de l’histoire ne se répètent plus. Voilà le sens et le témoignage du Mémorial ACTe », supported Victorin Lurel, Député et Président du Conseil Régional de la Guadeloupe

At the junction of disciplines and expressions, the Memorial ACTe sets its exhibition center. At the heart of the project, History will set a dialogue with ethnology, social anthropology and art history throughout diverse exhibited visual sound testimonies, artworks and daily life objects. Transmisison is advanced as the primary theme of the Memorial, that sets multiple pedagogical tools and activities, such as a ressouces and media documentation center, seminars and conferences, as well as spectacles and exclusive exhibitions. Finally, Research is put forward with the creation within the Memorial of a universitary laboratory in partenership with the University of the Antilles and Guyana, and in international cooperation with worldwide universities and recsearch centers.