L’institut Français will held from Wednesday, October 14th to Saturday, October 31st its 19th annual Fête du cinema d’animation! In collaboration with ACFA (Association Française du Cinéma d’Animation), l’Institut Français will adapt the event regarding the actual context by proposing a hybrid offer planned to allow you to fully enjoy the different animated movies. 2 full-lengths movies and 11 short-lengths movies, for all ages, French and Africans, will thus be accessible for free and online, without any registration, via the web page dedicated to the event right here (page accessible on October 14th).


You will be able to find on IFCinéma platform:

The 2 full-lengths movies with the guideline « Voyages ! » («Journeys! »):

  • Adama, by Simon Rouby, 2015, 85 mins: Adama, 12 years old, lives in an isolated village in Western Africa. Beyond the cliffs, lies the World of Breaths. Where Nassaras rule. One night, Samba, his elder brother, disappears. Adama, defying the interdict of the Ancients, decides to go looking for him. He begins, with the unwavering determination of a child becoming a man, a quest which will lead him beyond the seas, in North, to the front lines of the First World War. We’re in 1916.
  • Gus petit oiseau, grand voyage, by Christian de Vita, 2014, 90 mins: At the departure time for the grand migration, Darius, the eldest of the flock, is wounded. He will have to confess all his secrets and the new itinerary of the journey to the first bird available. And this bird… it’s our hero, exalted to the idea to finally discover the world…but not all migratory!


Tales of Africa, a series of 6 short-lengths movies, by Djilal Beskri, of a total length of 1h26, directed in different African countries (offer Cinémathèque Afrique):

  • Shamazulu
  • Le Chasseur et l’antilope
  • Malika et la sorcière
  • Le Cadeau
  • Les Trois vérités
  • Le Lutteur


Finally, «Jeux et petites bêtises» (Games and little foolishness), 5 short-lengths movies speechless for the 3-6 years old:

  • L’Atelier, by Bianca Mansani, 2019, 4 mins: A little girl changes drastically the routine of her grand-mother who works in a sewing workshop.
  • Matilda, by Irène Iborra and Eduard Puertas Anfruns, 2018, 7 mins: Matilda can’t find sleep and plays with her bedside lamp when the bulb ceases to function! Matilda is in the dark. Her first fright finished, and thanks to her lamp torch, the little girl get used to the obscurity, and discovers little by little the charms of the night.
  • Celui qui domptait les nuages, by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville, 2015, 4 mins: At the top of a canyon, the old Indian Ombre who flies teaches young Nayati the ancestral art of smoke signals. It is the meeting of two opposites, the impetuous young boy shakes the calm of the old shaman up, soon leading to a disaster.
  • Beuaaark!, by Gabriel Jacquel, 2014, 11 mins: The little Tom is well surrounded by his mother who tracks down any microbe and bacteria in the house. And it is out of question to eat anything bad. Mom is closely watching. Or at least that’s what she believes…
  • Lunolin petit naturaliste, by Cecilia Marreiros Marum, 2005, 7 mins: A 5-years old little boy finds himself, after a walk in the woods, in the company of two hedgehogs which he’ll first tyrannize, totally unconscious of the sadism of its games. Believing to be their friends, the little Lunolin will feel betrayed when he finds out one morning that the two little hedgehogs have escaped.