L’institut français invites applications for its residency program at the « Cité internationale des arts » in Paris.

This program is aimed to foreign artists supported by one or several cultural partners, who want to develop a creative or research project in Paris for 3 or 6 months.

These cultural partners can be foreign or french cultural structures and/or institutes of the french cultural network abroad ( Institut français, cultural services in a french embassy, Alliances françaises).

L’institut français provides to the artists a workshop-housing at la Cité internationale des arts in Paris for the accomodation.

The partner who supports the artist, in France or abroad, finances the travel and/or the stay costs of the artist. He is also charged to send the artist nomination’s file.

The artists can present a research project either of their choice or a specific project in one of the next field : young audience ; environment/sustainable development ; art and territories ; research and innovation ; technic and technologic.

No matter if it is a free project or a specific project, every field is concerned :

Architecture/landscape/urbanism, visual arts, street arts, numeric art, comic, film/animated film/documentary, dance, design, graphic design, literature/children’s literature, artistic profession, current music, classic and contemporary music, photography, theater, video games, virtual reality.

How to apply ?

The applications have to be sent on the digital platform Ifprog.

Calendar :

Application deadline : August 22th 2018 including that date.

The commission selection will take place end of september 2018.

Contacts :

Glenda Laporte: [email protected]

Fanny Rolland: [email protected]

For more informations : visit le site de l’institut français.