Each year, the Ecole Normale d’Administration (ENA) organizes short specialized international cycles in public administration. Those cycles, which last between 1 and 4 weeks, are intensive sessions around one specific topic and are taught in French, English or Spanish. They consist in case studies, simulations, field visits, and experience sharing.

The courses are organized for senior public servants in government departments, senior managers in public (or public-affiliated) companies and representatives of NGO. It is required to have studied at least four years in a higher education institution (or equivalent of such qualification), and to have at least three years of professional experience. Furthermore, each application must be introduced by the candidate’s government or employer. Please note that a good knowledge of French is also required.

The 2nd trimester’s CISAP will start on September 10th, and will focus on the following topics :

–          « Fighting corruption », September 10th to 21st;

–          « Management de crise et gestion post-conflit », September 17th to 28th ;

–          « Local government », October 1st to 12th ;

–          « Protection des droits de l’homme », October 8th to 19th ;

–          « GRH et management dans la fonction publique », November 5th to 16th ;

–          « Les politiques publiques : de la conception à l’évaluation », December 3rd to 14th.

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Candidates applying from Canada need to send their application form to the following address :

Ambassade de France au Canada

Service culturel et scientifique – Candidature CISAP

42 Sussex Drive, Ottawa Ontario K1M 2C9 Canada

Applications are open until 40 days before the courses start. However, we encourage candidates to send their applications before that deadline.

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