Centre National de la Danse (CND)

The Centre National de la Danse supports dance and performance in several way: it provides services, and training for professionals; it supports the creation through residencies and co productions;



Theatrecontemporain.net is a website dedicated to contemporary productions and playwriting. It includes script extracts, photos, biographies, translations, job listings, publishing agencies listing, an event calendar and more.


Centre National du Théâtre (CNT)

Established in 1992, the Centre National du Théâtre is a resource and consulting center dedicated to theater, and acts as a unique place for echoing contemporary theater practices. At the


En Scènes

Gigantic online encyclopedia for performing arts, this site offers more than 800 short videos contextualized, interviews and more than 400 hours of live performances. Nearly 50 thematic programs are


Hors Les Murs

Hors Les Murs is a national resource website for the performing arts, the street arts and circus arts. Established in 1993 by the Ministry of Culture, it develops observation

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