From 16th to 22nd of June, Montreal hosted the 2018 Robocup, an international football competition between robots, created in 1996. This year, 5000 robots from 35 countries participated ; students from the Tech United university in Eindhoven (Netherlands) won the competition. The goal of the contest is to create robots that are performing enough to beat the human football world champions in 2050.

While the next edition will happen in Sydney in 2019, the French city of Bordeaux was recently chosen to host the competition in 2020. This success was possible thanks to the involvement of French scientists as well as public and private partners of the organizing committee : the French Federation for Robotics, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Région, the city of Bordeaux, but also Enedis, Thales, Suez or the CIC.

This success confirms the important place of France in international innovation, and the fact that Bordeaux will host the competition after Montreal is a nice reminder of the strong relationships that Canada and France have in the research and innovation area.