With the objective of welcoming 500,000 international students by 2027, France diversifies its service and training programs offer and develop in this context a new program of short study stays in science, “French ⨁ Sciences”, in partnership with the centers of FLE (French as a foreign language) and the Embassy of France who promotes the program to local universities and partners.

The 4 sessions offered as part of “French⨁Sciences” aim at promoting the French technological know-how and the excellence of the scientific training. They are mostly conducted in English – while including a module of French learning (for all level from beginner to advanced): the objective is to make the participants “Choose France” for their higher studies after having had a glimpse of France through these short experiences mixing French and scientific modules, conferences and thematic tours, touristic visits, etc.

Content and objectives of the sessions:

These short stays of 3 to 4 weeks revolve around a specific theme and internationally recognized companies in the economic area of ​​the FLE partner centers (all referenced “FLE Quality Label“):

  • “About sustainable development” in Montpellier with Accent Français; also in partnership with the University of Montpellier which strengthens its position as world leader in ecology in the Shanghai rankings.
  • “Marine Science and Technology” in Brest with Ciel Bretagne;
  • “Microtechnology and biomedical engineering” with CLA Besançon;
  • “Energy and Transport” in Rouen with French in Normandy.

The last three allow the validation of ECTS credits which allow Canadian participants to have their international experience recognized in their curriculum in Canada.

Participants to the program are not only invited to reflect as a group on a problem associated with the current and future challenges of the engineering professions, but their thinking is also nourished by visits of companies, research institutes, laboratories, these visits being completed by conferences, debates, Master’s and/or specialized Master’s degrees that exist in these scientific themes.

Each session also includes a wide range of cultural activities through which students can discover the multiple treasures of the city and the region where the training is taking place and it also gives them a glance of the French way of living.

A tailor-made stay with simplified registration procedures:

It is a fully packaged offer including the following services: airport pick-up, housing solution (student or private residence, host family) as well as an easy access to a specific short-term insurance scheme covering health, repatriation and public liability costs.

The program registrations are done online, on the language centers’ websites so that the applicants’ questions can be answered directly.

The dates of the sessions are based on the summer holidays of both hemispheres so that Canadian applicants can find a session corresponding to their holiday period. Sessions are mostly held at the beginning of the summer and only last 3 to 4 weeks which allows participants to have a summer job right after.

Details about all sessions dates can be found on Campus France Canada website and in the following brochure of the program: