On June 6th 2018, TFO, Ontario’s educational and cultural TV channel, and Canopé, the French Ministry of Education’s creative and educational support network , made a joint commitment to create a think tank on the issues facing education in the digital age in the francophone world.

Partners of this think tank will meet every 6 months in order to discuss the effects of the transition to digital technologies in education and to generate discussions on:

  • The transformation of teaching practices
  • The evolution of learning

  • The evolution of educational contents

  • The development of critical thinking and media literacy

The main purpose is to promote dialogue between TFO, Canopé and other organizations in order to better understand, adapt and respond to new needs created by the transition to digital technologies, and to create better suited tools, services and educational contents. This think tank will at the same time encourage the sharing of contacts and networks in the francophone digital education age.

This think tank established through the agreement signed between TFO and Canopé, a sign of cooperation between France and Canada, will provide expert knowledge on educational issues in the digital age in the francophone world.