Presentation at the school Maurice-Lapointe

From November 11-14, Viviane Lalande, a Franco-Canadian specialist in science popularization and YouTuber, visited several schools in Ottawa to raise awareness among more than 300 students aged 10 to 15 about the proper use of digital technologies and the importance of selecting the right content on the Internet.

Viviane regularly publishes videos of science popularization on her YouTube channel called Scilabus, which has currently more than 160,000 subscribers. Her videos generally correspond to simple questions, to which she tries to provide several answers, particularly through experiments. She is also quite careful about the reliability of sources. In addition to Youtube, Viviane also works for television (the TV show “Génial !” on Télé-Québec) and radio (columnist for “moteur de recherche” at ICI Radio-Canada) in Quebec, always in the field of scientific popularization. She holds a PhD in biomechanics from Polytechnique Montréal and taught for a few years at the University.

During her presentations, Viviane asked the students about their usage of Youtube. The students were therefore able to exchange and discuss freely with Viviane about her activity and the importance of developing a certain critical mind regarding the information found on the Internet. The goal of these presentations was also to give students all the necessary tools to create their own video of science popularization, since a national video contest will be launched in December.

We look forward to seeing the students’ creations!