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Current assistants & alumni

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the Teaching Assistant Program in France! Please follow the links below to find more information and useful websites to organize your year as an English teaching assistant.

1. Prepare your departure

The Embassy of Canada in France, the French Embassy in Canada and France Education International are co-organizing a webinar (video conference) around April/May to guide you through the next steps and help you organizing your trip to France. Some time after this webinar, you will be able to access a PDF presentation where you will find information regarding your work contract, the arrêté de nomination, but also visas, housing, social security, etc.

Important: you must receive your arrêté de nomination by e-mail (and sometimes by mail) and it must be signed by the French Department of Work (DIRRECTE) before you apply to get your visa. You’ll receive the arrêté de nomination approximately between May and August.

Apply for your visa as soon as possible as you may experience delays in the summer months. It is only upon receiving your arrêté de nomination that you’ll know exactly in which city and for which school(s) you’ll be working for. Use the contact details to get in touch with the school and take the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask questions about housing, pedagogical resources, the work environment etc.

Before you go, check the dates of the orientation meetings (“stage d’accueil”) organized by your académie when the school year begins. The details of these orientation meetings will be listed on the website of the CIEP. They are mandatory (your absence may impact your salary) and usually take place early October and you will:

– Meet the other assistants in your académie (not just the English speakers);
– Learn about the French school system and get some teaching tips;
– Receive information about the paperwork for your salary, health insurance, etc.
– Ask questions and discuss any problems or concerns that you may have.

2. Once in France

When you arrive in France, you must have your long-stay visa validated. This must be done within the first 3 months of your arrival in France. It can be done online, for free, via the following webpage:
Ask your school coordinator for help you regarding the administrative paperwork such as registration for the French social security.

If you are experiencing difficulties, you may communicate with the contact person of your school or the académie. You can also contact representatives of France Education International or the Embassy of France in Canada.

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3. After your year as an assistant

To renew your application to the program

If you are currently in France working as a teaching assistant and you wish to renew your contract for the upcoming school year, you may do so directly through France Education International. Renewal is contingent upon a positive review from the host institution, whether or not the assistant wishes to remain at his or her host institution or be transferred to another school or académie, among other factors.

If you are applying for a second assistantship in non-consecutive years, you must apply through the general program application.

Canadian Alumni of the Teaching Assistant Program

If you participated in the Teaching Assistant Program in France and you wish to promote this opportunity to other Canadian, volunteer to help our team promote the program in Canada!

Write us and request to join our Canadian Alumni group to connect with other assistants, to be informed of the actuality and job offers and also to keep in touch with the program!

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