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The Network “n + i” gathering 50 top post graduate schools, in partnership with  “Agence Nationale Recherche Technologie ANRT”, Campus France, and Arts et Métiers Paris Tech engineering school, offers a special program for you! the FIER-DOC “French innovative Experience in Research”.

You are looking for funding your doctoral thesis in France (scholarships covering all academic fees and living expenses up to € 2,000 per month), let us know via your registration through FIER-DOC,  it’s free !

By registering for this online program your file will be seen by the partner laboratories and / or companies that offer full doctoral scholarships whose obtaining (or awarding) is conditional upon the successful completion of the FIER-DOC program.

(ex: )

Once your file has been pre-selected by a French research laboratory, you will have to participate in the 5-month FIER-DOC program in France to confirm that you have the knowledge and skills (autonomy, creativity, motivation, …) to pursue in PhD with all chances of success.

At the end of your research internship of 3 months in the laboratory concerned and a defense of your work, the laboratory will confirm (or not) its thesis scholarship offer.

Only when you have a conditioned thesis proposal, you will have to finance your participation in the FIER-DOC.

IMPORTAT: Of course you can also apply to the FIER-DOC to increase your chances of having a scholarship from your country, from your university … because the FIER-DOC is an excellent preparation for a successful thesis without additional time!

You have until August 15, 2018 to register and participate in the 2019 spring session which will begin February 1, 2019 with 2 months of course in Paris followed by a research internship in one of the many French laboratories associated.

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