Science&You aims at mixing research and practice in science communication, popularization and engagement, and is the place to share innovative and ground-breaking topics, exchange best practices and lessons learned, and why not invent new ideas and create new partnerships!

This is why, for all formats accepted (listed here), proposals from all perspectives are welcome. Whether you are a researcher in science communication, a researcher or professional of any field willing to share your experience in popularization and public engagement, a professional in a museum or a science center, a volunteer in an association running science workshops for children, a journalist writing about science subjects, a communications officer in a research laboratory.

The theme of the Conference is “Science communication: take a step back to move forward”, and is declined in 3 subthemes:

  1. Continued and emerging issues of science and technology developments
  2. ‘Collapsology’ concepts and looking beyond
  3. The need for a reflexive practice of science communication

The call for proposals is open until February 19th, midnight (GMT +1).

For more information, visit Science & You.