Want to get away from it all in these difficult times? Here are some immersive experiences to discover.

360° Notre-Dame de Paris
TV5 Monde & Le Forum des Images

Visit in 360 ° virtual reality the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral filmed before the terrible fire of April 15, 2019. Exclusive images shot in February 2019 for TV5MONDE and Le Forum des images.

Werewolves Within

The French company Ubisoft has adapted the famous board game “Werewolf” into virtual reality. A good opportunity to spend time with friends while maintaining  social distancing.

Les éditions animées

Nurture your child’s soul with these coloring books that turn into a cartoon with the free BlinkBook app.

Discover, among other things, the coloring books of Claire Faÿ, laureate of the 2019 prize of the enriched book at Salon du livre de l’Outaouais. More info on Claire Faÿ, here.