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Language and education

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You are a student

You are a student or a parent of a student in Canada.

You wish to learn French or improve your level of proficiency in French in Canada or in France; enroll your children in a French program in Canada or another long-distance French program; experience French culture; or earn proof of your level of proficiency in France.

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You are a teacher

You are a teacher in Canada.

You want to find teaching French-language resources for your classroom, look for professional development programs, get your students involved in cultural and scientific projects involving France and the Francophonie, or arrange for an exchange with a teacher in France.

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You are an institution for education

You are the representative of a Canadian institution in the field of education.

You would like to develop an educational partnership with a French institution; offer training opportunities to your teachers, your students, and their parents; hire French language assistants; become a Diplômes d’Etude en Langue Française examination centre; or involve your institution or your students in cultural and scientific projects involving France and the Francophonie.

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