Development opportunities

Offering development opportunities to your teachers, your students, and their parents /Summer and winter sessions of the Centre International d’EtudesPédagogiques (CIEP) BELC program

You are the representative of a Canadian institution in the field of education.

You want to provide your teaching staff with opportunities for French professional development.

The Centre International d’EtudesPédagogiques’ (CIEP) BELC winter and summer university programs are two internationally-recognized professional development programs. Completion of the program is recognized with a certificate.

As a development opportunity for cutting-edge professional techniques, meetings with key industry professionals, and discussions between peers, BELC university programs provide insight into new practices and support dynamic career progression.

These programs offer modules in four fields:

  • Education: teaching methods, classroom techniques, French as a Foreign Language (FLE) practices, France as a Second Language (FLS) practices, language of education (bilingual Francophone education, French-language education for immigrant students), use of CTBT technology, TV5monde accreditation, French-language teaching techniques for specific subjects, FLE for students, FLE for university students.
  • Evaluation:official accreditation programs for people interested in becoming DELF-DALF scorer-correctors and scorer-corrector trainers.
  • Development:educational engineering, development engineering, developing ongoing development plans for teaching staff.
  • Management:management, course marketing, language centre staff training, process development, careers as cooperation attachés, linguistic and educational cooperative project management.

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