You are a student or a parent of a student in Canada.

You wish to learn French or improve your level of proficiency in French in Canada or in France; enroll your children in a French program in Canada or another long-distance French program; experience French culture; or earn proof of your level of proficiency in France.

The Embassy of France in Canada supports the following initiatives:

Learning French language or improving your level of proficiency

Alliance Française

French language schools in Canada.

Quality label FLE

French language learning centers in France.

Enrolling your children in a French-program school in Canada or a long-distance French program

AEFE schools

French curriculum schools in Canada.

distance learning

French distance learning programs through the Centre National d’Études à Distance (CNED).

Exploring French culture

Cultural events

Cultural events in French in Canada through the Alliance française network.

Online platforms

Internet platforms of French media outlets to find resources.

Earning proof of French-language proficiency


French-language proficiency certificates : TCF, DELF, DALF.