You are a teacher in Canada.

You want to find teaching French-language resources for your classroom, look for professional development programs, get your students involved in cultural and scientific projects involving France and the Francophonie, or arrange for an exchange with a teacher in France.

The Embassy of France in Canada supports the following initiatives:

Teaching resources

Institut Français

The outlet for French cultural diplomacy.

CANOPé network

The network for pedagogical creativity and support.

French medias outlets

A hub for french news and pedagogical activities.

Professional development

The Alliance Française network

Learning and improving French skills in Canada.

Quality label fle

Learning and improving French skills in France.


Acquiring professional skills in French through summer or winter sessions.

DELF-DALF certifications

Become a DELF-DALF scorer-corrector or trainer.

Cultural and scientific projects

Enriched book

Elaborate an enriched piece of litterature with your class.

Observatory of seasons

Take part in a project about climate change with your class.

Alliance française

Attend cultural events in French in Canada.