Learning and improving French skills through ongoing education in Canada: Alliance française

You are a teacher in Canada.

You want to learn French or improve your level of language proficiency in Canada.

The nine Alliance française locations in Canada offer French courses for teachers.

They are part of the worldwide Alliance française network: more than 800 establishments in 137 countries, working to promote the French language and Francophone cultures.

Teachers: improving your level of French through ongoing education

Objectives: To improve learners’ level of proficiency in France in the classroom. Introduction to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Focus: to know how to give advice to students; to correct and encourage students in French; and to improve general proficiency in professional French in order to feel more at ease in the classroom. Introduction to the CEFRL and strategies for its implementation in teaching methods and evaluation.


  • Program to be developed based on your professional needs
  • Location and times to be determined on the basis of need (transportation fees for teachers may apply)
  • (Base) rate: $30 CAD per hour per person (minimum four participants of equivalent level per group)

Most Alliance française locations in Canada also offer French courses for students and parents of students throughout the year. (lien pages AF)

Every Alliance française location in Canada offers French courses for adults throughout the year (general French and specialized French).

The nine Alliances française locations in Canada

  • Ottawa

  • Halifax

  • Moncton

  • Toronto

  • Manitoba (Winnipeg)

  • Calgary

  • Edmonton

  • Vancouver

  • Victoria

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