To all the French teachers !

The Marathon de Lecture (French Reading Marathon) for Canadian students has officially been launched !
The project, which aims to promote the pleasure of reading for young people, also has a social impact
since funds can be raised to provide children in Burkina Faso with access to education, thanks to the UNICEF Canada’s “Back to school better” program.

What is the Marathon de Lecture?

Together with your students, you will organise reading sessions where they’ll discover comic strips and graphic novels in French. In order to do so, you and your students will have a free, year long access to a selection of books on Culturethèque, a digital platform of the French Institute. In addition to those books, pedagogical resources corresponding to the comics are also available to you and your students. They were designed and written specifically for the program by immersion and French as a second language professionals, and are here to provide you with the support you need in your classroom.

There is a two-fold goal for this project : to provide support for those teaching French in order to strengthen reading skills and encourage the joy of reading among students ; all the while helping children in Burkina Faso thanks to the fundraising organized with our students’ families.


Participation in the project is free of charge, as are the different teaching resources (comic strips, resources for students, and resources for teachers). Donations to the UNICEF fund are voluntary.

Registration for the project began in January and continues to the end of the school year. Schools, classes, and all French learners who wish to participate can organize a Marathon de Lecture with their own methods and schedule : it can be part of a school or class project for example, or it could also take place during the semaine de la Francophonie!

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To go further

  • Enroll in a drawing workshop with French author and cartoonist Jérémie Royer and learn how to draw animals !
    Online event on April 10th, 1pm (Ottawa)
    Free registration here
  • Find more teaching resources about comic books on IFprofs, the social network for teaching in French.
    Free registration here



The Reading Marathon is a joint initiative of the Embassy of France in Canada, the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI), the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT), and Canadian Parents for French (CPF), in association with UNICEF Canada.