You have a degree in medicine or pharmacy and you wish to accomplish a mobility in a higher education institution in France? So the 2020-201 recruitment campaign for the registrations for the diplôme de formation médicale spécialisée (DFMS) and the diplôme de formation médicale spécialisée approfondie (DFMSA) is made for you! You have until January 15th 2021 to fulfill and seed your application file!

You can apply if you respect the following conditions:

  • You have a degree that allows you to practice medicine or pharmacy in your country of origin and/or residency
  • For a DFMS : you are attending a medical or pharmaceutic formation specialised in your country of origin or residency and you have at least 2 semesters to do in hospital functions, to be completed by November 1st 2020
  • For a DFMSA : you have a degree as a medical doctor or pharmacist specialist allowing the practice of the speciality in your country of origin or in the country of graduation
  • You are able to certify good skills in French via an attestation of B2 level in the French language proficiency tests (TCF, TEF) or a copy of the French language diploma (DELF) level B2. Candidates who have accomplished their whole academic formation in French are authorized to produce proof of this, issued in particular by their home institution, and will be subsequently be exempted from presenting the above-mentioned certificates.

The selection will only be made by Strasburg University, which will later distribute candidates according to the number of places offered based on rankings by host universities and the preferential order expressed.

You can download the application form here.